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Facial Treatments

  • DIY Facial Workshop
  • Learn to take care of your own skin using the right products and in the correct way. Through this workshop you will learn simple steps to wash your face for a better circulation and radiant face.
  • Duration: 2 hours   Course Fee: $20 (Organic Aloe Vera facial products & facial tools provided)
  • Venue: Chinatown, People's Park Centre, Level 13   Time: to be confirmed
  • Enquiry: OR call 9455 2826 / 65828629 (Minnie)
  • Workshop outline
  • 1) Double cleansing   2) Proper Facial steps
  • 3) Painless Black Head Remove   4) Basic knowledge on Skin Care
  • Limited to 4 seats per session! Register NOW!!

Facial Treatment for Men and Women

  • $58 for Deep Cleansing Facial Treatment.
  • 1 hr 30 min for each session.   Painless removal of blackheads, No squeezing.
  • Quiet location at level 13.   Using Organic Aloe Vera base products.
  • Specialize in serious acne skin, dry and oily skin.
  • Experience in facial treatment for men.
  • 2 to go. Enjoy 10% off for 2 persons booking.
  • By appointment only. 1st appointment of the day will start at 11am, last appointment will be at 7pm. Strictly by appointment only.
  • If interested, please email me at I will give you a call back.
  • Enquiry: OR call 9455 2826 / 65828629 (Minnie).

Weight / Health Management

  • Weight Management Programme - C9 and FIT 1 , FIT 2
  • Health Care Seminar
  • 1.Preventing Skin Cancer   2.Women's Health Issues   3.Menopause   4.Men's Health Issues
  • 5.Osteoporosis   6.Healthy Heart   7.Cholesterol and Your Heart   8.Healthy Pregnancy
  • 9.Asthma Control   10.Blood Pressure Control   11.Blood Pressure and Exercise
  • 12.Preventing Diabetes   13.Avian Flu / Seasonal Flu   14.Cancer Awareness
  • 15.Breast Health Awareness   16.Allergies   17.Children's Health   18.Joint Health
  • 19.Healthy Breakfast   20.Piles Awareness   21.Stress and you
  • Enquiry: OR call 9455 2826 / 65828629 (Minnie).

DIY Makeup Workshop

  • Makeup (from basic to advance):
  • 1. Basic Makeup (nude makeup)   2. Day Makeup*   3. Night Makeup*
  • 4. From Day Makeup to Night Makeup **   5. Creating stunning eye makeup (focus on eye shadow blending) **   6. False lashes **
  • Duration: 3hours   Class Size: max 6 person   Material Provided: Full Set of Cosmetics and Cleansing Set   Material Needed: Participant need to bring their personal makeup tools.
  • * Need basic makeup skill to join the workshop.   ** Need advance makeup skill to join the workshop.
  • Current on-going lesson: Basic Makeup
  • No idea how to apply makeup, choose makeup colors that suits your skin tone and how to enhance your makeup? This workshop will teach you some simple makeup technique that will enhance your look! Suitable for those without any makeup knowledge.
  • Date: to be confirmed   Time: 7:30pm to 10pm   Duration: 2.5 hours  Venue: ChinaTown, People's Park Centre, Level 13
  • Enquiry: OR call 9455 2826 / 65828629 (Minnie).
  • Fee: $30 (A $5 deposit is required upon registration with receipt provided. Full payment collected on the course day)   Payment Method: Cash on delivery or Bank Transfer
  • Material Provided: Complete makeup set and cleansing set   Material Needed: Participant need to bring their personal makeup tools such as brushes, sponge.
  • Workshop outline:
    1) Basic knowledge of makeup tools   2) How to choose your colors   3) Proper steps of basic Makeup   4) How to do a 15 mins day makeup
  • Limited to 6 seats! Register early.   Organizer: Natural Treat

Home based Facial Business Course

  • Learn how to start your very own home based facial business now!
  • Through this workshop, you will learn how to:
  • · Do facial for your customers
  • · Design your own facial room at home
  • · Choose the correct facial beds
  • · Marketing strategy.
  • Duration: 16 hours   Course Fee: $588 (include materials and facial products, worth $480)
  • Course will be conducted at Pasir Ris and Chinatown.
  • No prior facial experience required.
  • For further information, please email to: / call 9455 2826 (Minnie).

Health Seminar

  • Skin Wellness Seminar
  • 1. Advertisement or real ingredient? This topic aims to educate the public on differentiating between advertisement vs real ingredient in a product through understanding the labelling, issue with Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) and the myth about Paraben
  • 2. Drinking Collagen for better skin? What is Collagen and why do our skin need collagen? Through this seminar, you will have a better understanding on the function of collagen and the real nutrients contribution to the collagen.
  • 3. Food supplement for Skin Skin is the largest organ of our body. Find out through this seminar what are the food supplements that our skin need to prevent it from aging and retain its moisture.
  • 4. UV umbrella will be your best friend What is UV, how many types of UV and how it affects our skin? Have you ever wonder what does SPF stands for and how it protects our skin? Do you know that Sun blocks can be UV absorber and UV reflector? Find out the answers at this Seminar!
  • 5. 20s, 30s, 40s skincare As we grow older, our skin will age as well. The question is do we need to change our skincare range as our skin changes? Find out what are the food supplements suitable for 20s, 30s and 40s and the skincare products for 20s, 30s and 40s.
  • 6. Closer look at the pigmentation Pigmentation are feared most by women especially when it grows on our face. This seminar will give you an insight on what causes pigmentation and how to treat pigmentation.
  • 7. Eczema Eczema is the most common skin problem in Singapore. It is a problem within – Allergic reaction from IgE & Histamine. Find out through this seminar the pros and cons of general medical practice in treating Eczema and steps to help reduce the occurrence through natural way.